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We buy ugly houses

We pay cash for outdated and funky looking houses!

Outdated and Ugly?  We love it.

Wallpaper from fifty years ago.  Shag carpet in every room.  Wood paneling as far as the eye can see.  Ugly painted cabinets.  Tile that makes you seasick.  We'll take it!  Right now as it is!

Sell my house now
We pay cash, you pay nothing!

Rather than going through the hassle of trying to fix up your house, paying expensive broker commissions, and waiting around for a serious buyer, we'll take it right now!  We'll buy it as is, troubles and all.  You could have more money in your pocket and one less thing to worry about in as little as seven days!

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Contact Us
Renovations are expensive and stressful!

It can be a nightmare to renovate a house.  Even redoing a tiny half bath is going to cost thousands of dollars plus the time it takes to find and work with a contractor.  Add in the inevitable delays and cost overruns from the contractor, and you're talking a serious pain.  We'll take it as-is, offer a fair cash price, and close in as little as seven days!

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