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We buy contaminated property
Homes with Leaking Fuel Tanks or Contaminated Soil

Are you trying to sell a house that has an underground or above ground home heating oil tank?  Is there known or suspected contamination of the soil or groundwater?  Fixing or "remediating" these issues can be very time consuming and expensive.  The tanks have to be removed or closed in place, the soil around the area needs to have expensive sampling and analytical performed, and usually the contaminated soil needs to be excavated and transported to a licensed disposal facility.  Few if any buyers will accept a house with these issues, but we will!   For more information and a cash offer, contact us today!

We Pay Cash for Houses with Environmental Issues

Selling a house with asbestos
Sell house with lead paint
Homes with Asbestos Containing Material

Does your home have asbestos siding?  Asbestos tiles?  Insulation possibly containing asbestos?  There's a potential minefield of regulations to obey when it comes to working with this.  You'll need to disclose this to any potential buyer and most will insist that you fix it before you sell if they even consider it at all.  We'll take it as is and we'll pay you cash!  Contact us today.

Homes with Lead Based Paint

Do you have a home built before 1978?  It most likely has lead based paint in at least a part of the house.  Lead was in paint pigments for decades for durability, color, and for coverage.  Unfortunately, it has been a long established health hazard and lead is no longer found in paint.  But millions of houses still have this paint inside where it can cause potential health hazards depending on contact and duration.  Like many of these issues, it can be very costly to test and remove all lead, and you're very likely to have to remove it to find a serious buyer.  But we will buy it as is, even with lead based paint.  And we'll pay cash for it as quickly as seven days. 

Selling a house with mold
Homes with Mold Problems

Mold has come to the forefront of discussion in terms of indoor air quality in recent years.  While mold is present almost everywhere, certain types can be particularly dangerous and difficult to treat.  Frequently these show up as a result of faulty plumbing, roof leaks, or foundation issues.  Once the mold begins to spread, especially in the humid coastal climate of Wilmington, it often gets out of control quickly.  Removing only part of the issue does nothing but slow it down, and getting all of it requires special equipment and training.  If you're not interested in going through the time and expense to fix it, contact us.  We will worry with it so you don't have to.

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Some things can only be fixed by a professional...

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a house.  Leaking roofs can create mold.  Some houses still have lead based paint, asbestos containing material, or leaking fuel tanks.  It can cost in the tens of thousands to fix these issues and then you still have to fix up the rest of the house, find a buyer, and then lose thousands to a commission.  We buy houses like this as-is and handle the work ourselves.  While most buyers would never touch a house with issues like these, our team has the experience, equipment, and training to 100% remove the contaminants and restore the house to its original condition or better.  

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