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When things get out of hand...

This is often a very sensitive and embarrassing issue to handle, but it happens a lot more frequently than you'd imagine.  Whether it's an inherited house or your own residence, sometimes a house can just get so out of hand that you can't figure out what to do.  How am I going to sell a house in this condition?  How do I even get rid of this much stuff?

We Pay Cash for Hoarder/ Hoarding Houses

Hoarder House
It's a serious concern...

There are serious health hazards associated with cleaning houses like this and the costs to perform the work including disposal, transportation, and decontamination of the house can be incredibly costly. 

Help for hoarder house
There's a way out...

The most common scenario is that someone inherits a house that has gotten out of hand.  They don't have the time, the money, or the ability to get everything cleaned up.  And they know they'll probably never find a buyer the way it is.  Large amounts of accumulated debris are perfect for infestation of pests and vermin, and it seems insurmountable.  But there's a way out.  We've seen it all and we've handled it all.  We will buy it as it is where it is, and we'll pay cash.  In as little as seven days, you'll have cash in your pocket and one less thing to worry about.  We'll even pay all the attorney and closing fees.

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